What does LeanSync bring to me as a Business Software Provider (ISV) or as an End Customer?

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You will receive an API documentation describing the integration. You can include LeanSync via Javascript library, web socket and webhooks. Previous integrations have usually only taken a few days. During the test phase, we provide you with two phone numbers to test the integration. Swisscom and Comitas are at your disposal for technical and technical questions.

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When customers order LeanSync, they then go through a Consent Check. After this Consent Check, LeanSync is entitled to call the customer's phone numbers. A LeanSync key (36 digit code) is automatically generated for each phone number. This key is included as a new field in the user management of your business application. Using this key, you can establish a secure https connection with LeanSync for this one employee or for this one phone number.

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The "onboarding" of new software providers into the LeanSync ecosystem is carried out by Swisscom. These discussions will also define the financial framework.

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After a successful authorization at LeanSync, via the LeanSync Key, the following functions and notifications are available:
- Start outgoing calls(landline and mobile as well as domestic and foreign)
- Notification of incoming calls, with the phone number of the caller
- Notification of the duration of the call, e.g.to be able to charge it
- Notification via forwarded calls

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The LeanSync ecosystem is constantly being further developed by Swisscom and Comitas. Data synchronizations will be available as early as summer 2020:
- Match contacts between Brolio and their Microsoft Outlook
- Matching contacts and documents between Brolio and Bexio

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Please find more information in the ISV Factsheet

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